Say hello to Chico

Chico was born from my love of the Spanish language and a wish to share it with others, and my love of two little dogs (and one not-so-little) whom I wouldn't share with anyone. 

  Chico and his sister Chica are loosely based on my own two chihuahuas Astra and Harry.

  In their first outing '¿Dónde está mi hermana?' they play hide and seek around the house. 

  The story is illustrated with colourful pictures and the text is in both English and Spanish. It can either be read with parents, or alone, at a very basic language level.

  It's available as a paperback or ebook and, though I say it myself, actually works quite well in landscape mode on a tablet.

  It's authored under my alternate identity of Abuelo David (Grandad David in Spanish)

  Click HERE to buy.