When Jack Allman is almost mauled to death at a crime scene, he awakes to find himself with a telepathic link to a werewolf.
Jack has to use his mental connection to help solve a series of grisly murders and discover how they are linked to a forty-year-old conspiracy.
Meanwhile, he must come to terms with the consequences of his own physical transformation.
However, all is not what it seems, and Jack is soon embroiled in a present-day international plot organised by a mysterious group who wish to exploit werewolves for their own ends.
Jack has help from new friends and allies, but the true solution lies in his own DNA.

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"This boy has a terrible destiny. I have witnessed it. He will see the end of the Vukodlak."

Two boys, brothers. Twins. Different in many ways, but with a bond which can never be broken.

Separated by Fate, only one of them can become Alpha and lead his people against the most dangerous threat they have ever faced.

A tale of love and loss, conflict and betrayal as the Vukodlak struggle for their survival.


Hedoen: A Wolf's Tale.

The eagerly anticipated prequel to Agent Wolf.

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