Spare Me

A quick read. Flash Fiction, they call it.

A different take on Star  Trek-style Transporter technology.

The room shimmers into view and I burst from the Duplicator, running for my life.
  It's already too late.

  They were waiting for me.

  Powerful arms hold me down while one of them administers the paralytic.
  I knew what was going to happen. After all, it was my idea.

  Well, the original me, anyhow.
  I am/he is a member of the original Matter Duplicator team.

  We were working on the holy grail of matter transmission as a method of travel. 
  We ended up with a biological photocopier.
  Turns out no-one wants to be transported from place to place if part of the process involves destruction of the original template.

Death, they called it.
  To be fair, we did come up with a solution for world hunger. One cabbage became a thousand cabbages, each one identical. Limitless food for all.
  Then Orson died. He crashed his bike and finished up impaled on a roadside barrier.

  A transplant would have saved him, but no suitable donor could be found.
  That's when I/he had the idea.
  As my sight dims, I see him watching through the glass screen. He looks uncomfortable but he has what he wanted. A 100% compatible set of spare parts.

  Just in case.